Focus on Betty Page Premiere Issue

Focus on Bettie Page 'Premiere Issue'



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Magazine published by Selbee Associates, Inc. New York has front and back cover photo of Bettie in skimpy outfit wearing garter belt with nylons and high heels with long gloves on her arms. 72 pages counting covers with many, many photos of Bettie including nude centerfold with her only wearing high heels in tropical living room setting. Photos include her sleeping, struggling bondage photos including one with her with whip, dressed up in black satin gown with high top laced leather boots, putting on make-up, and just smiling and relaxing partially undressed. Includes one page titled "Cartoon on Bettie Page" with four panels by Stanton. Panels start by showing her trying to change her image by dyeing her hair red and changing her hairstyle and end w/agent handing her a Bettie wig and telling her "Here put this on! I'm Going to Make You into the New Pin-Up Queen...I'll call you Miss Better Page!" as she looks cross-eyed and says in a southern drawl "It's No Use...Ah Just Can't Get Away From Mahself!". Ads includes full page offering "Bettie Page Photographs" sets and page offering books including Transvestism Today, Sexual Sadism, and Sexual Masochism. Contents page credits photographer Lawrence Boyer for cover and color insert.

Height -280
Width -210mm
Size -A4
Format -Magazine
Pages -72
Condition -Very Good/Good
Date Published -1963