Playboy 1972 06 June

Playboy 1972 06 June

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Playboy 1972 06 June


Playmate of the Year 
Liv Linderland (cover) photographed by Alexas Urba.

Playmate of the Month 
Debbie Davis photographed by Bill Figge.

Jackie Stewart by Larry DuBois.

"(Ted) Kennedy Rising" by Jack Newfield.

"Hollywood's Second Coming" by Brad Darrach 
"Chasing the Bucks" by William Murray 
"The Worldly Americans" by Friedel Ungeheuer 
"You're Kidding?" Scot Morris 
"The Fine Art of Being the Boss" by J. Paul Getty 
"In the Image of Man: Paolo Soleri" by David Butler 
"Memoirs of an Intermittent Madman" by Carlton Borwn.

Those Sexy French Literary Ladies 
Catherine Breillat, Virginie des Rieux, Catherine de Premonville, Marie-Ange Agnese, Regine Desforges, Michel Matthys and Beatrice Privat photographed by David Hamilton.

Love for Sale (Prime Cut, film) 
Gene Hackman and Lee Marvin (neither nude), Sissy Spacek, Angel Tompkins, Jerry Tracey, Trudy Williams and Brenda Suffel.

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