Kamera magazine Harrison Marks,50s and 60s  british glamour,

Kamera Publications Ltd. was formed in the early 1950s by George Harrison Marks and his wife Pamela Green with the idea of producing a new type of magazine featuring photographs of beautiful women. And so ‘Kamera’, ‘Solo’ and the like were born. The women who appeared in these classic little magazines were all handpicked by George and Pamela and photographed by the master himself. It soon became apparent that this was to change the face of glamour photography. He and Pamela had an amazing capacity for choosing just the right type of women to adorn the pages of their publications and many of these models became legendary in their own right. Pamela Green (yes, she was a model as well!), June Palmer, Paula Page, Lorraine Burnett, Vicky Kennedy, Marie Devereux and Rosa Dolmai to name but a few all became hugely popular.

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