Playboy 1982 07 July

Playboy 1982 07 July

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Playboy 1982 07 July


Playmate of the Month 
Lynda Weismeir (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler, inside photographed by Richard Fegley.

Bette Davis by Bruce Williamson.

20 Questions 
Stevie Nicks by David Rensin.

"Street Smarts" by D. Keith Mano 
"High Noon in Skidmore" by Carl Navarre 
"The Brawning of America" by Kevin Cook 
"Watergate, Inc.: An Anniversary Audit" by Tom Passavant and Conan Putnam 
"Power Trip!" by Norman Eisenberg 
"Man and Woman, Part VII: Prisoners of Culture" by Jo Durden-Smith and Diane De Simone.

Dreams (faces, places and sexual fantasies--selections from a labor of love) 
Rita Lee, Lillian Muller and Debra Jo Fondren photographed by Richard Fegley.

Girls of Ma Bell 
Laurie Page, Roxanne Laube, Sherri Jo Gibbons, Vicki Vittorio, Kathy Ann Crawford, Elizabeth Anne Hendricks, Lana Cradal, Karen Grebenor, Jill DeLaughder and Judy Perkins photographed by David Mecey.

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