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Lasse Braun - The King of Porno An attorney, he got his start in the adult-film business by defending people who were accused of selling "pornographic" pictures and movies in the 1960s. From there he began to make his own short adult films, then progressed to producing and directing full-length adult films.

From 1961 onwards, Braun took considerable personal risks by producing hardcore movies in Franco's Spain and Pompidou's France. He continually changed his nationality, used various aliases (Stuart Falcon, Alberto Ferro, Charles de Rossi, Miguel Dospassos and Al Harvey, among others) and moved from residence to residence to avoid being arrested. He used his father's Corps Diplomatique number-plates to smuggle his pornographic materials in the shape of movies, magazines and novels from country to country. After immersing himself in the technical side of cinematography in Sweden for a year, Braun set up his own studio in Copenhagen.

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