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All the spanking and CP titles are here, Roué, Janus, Blushes, Kane, Februs, Uniform Girls, Justice, Sting, Swish, Paradox, Phoenix, Cul D'or, Derriere, London Life, Whispers, Corporal and Martinet.

  • Blushes spanking

    Highly collectable 1980s spanking magazine, now defunct, whose undeniable strength was its photography. Evocative, atmospheric and with a keen eye on realism, in terms of location, costume and models, the photographs are probably the best on the subject ever published. The Blushes Portfolio included original Blushes, Blushes Supplements, Uniform Girls and Whispers (which ran to 7 issues). There are also many various reprints (in the form of New Uniform Girls/New Blushes) and then bundled editions as CP Special Editions, containing two or more original mags.

  • Blushes Uniform Girls

    Uniform Girls From the House of Blushes Spanking

  • Janus-original volumes

    The original - and many would say, the best. Begins life in 1971 as Mentor, which runs for four editions before becoming Janus. It begins life as a pocket-size journal on all things fetish (including spanking) before becoming more spanking orientated in the larger forms and then uniquely so during the late 1970s. Janus did a number of reprints of popular editions, but they are of poor quality and collectors are mainly interested in the colour originals. Particularly collectable are the "mid-size" editions of Volume 4, the wonderful Spanking Special Editions from 1973 and the numbers 12-31 inclusive.

  • Janus 1-99

    Janus 1-99

  • Janus 100-167

    Janus 100-167

  • Janus Specials

    Janus Specials

  • Janus-Privilege Club

    Privilege Club

  • Janus-Privilege Plus

    Janus-Privilege Plus spanking magazine

  • Obey

    Female Domination magazine by Janus

  • Justice

    Justice Magazine from the House of Blushes

  • Derriere


  • Cul D'Or

    Cul d'Or

  • Februs


  • Kane

    Kane spanking magazine

  • London Life

    Highly collectable and now very rare with strong photography and editorial. The name echoes the name of a similar publication from the 1950s which covered spanking as well as other subjects.

  • Phoenix

    Often the forgotten member of the British spanking mag family, but similar in style to Roue with strong photos, artwork, editorial and letters. The early Phoenix are great indeed - with many of its photos also published in Roue - and the mid numbers are strengthened with artwork from the gifted Hans Braun.

  • Roué magazine

    Roué magazine. Highly collectable 1980s British magazine. Issues 1-24 by first editorial team generally thought to be the best. Style changes thereafter. Particular favourites among many readers are the early "Spankers Galleries" - featuring nice line drawings and the "St Angela's" stories.

  • Spanking Letters

    Spanking Letters

  • Sting

    Rather good 1970s US version of Janus - features stories, letters, pics, drawings etc. Starts as small size then becomes A4 in 1976.

  • Strictly Uniforms

    Strictly Uniforms

  • Whispers


  • Paradox


  • Daisy Publications

    Daisy Publications

  • Fessee


  • Swish

    Focuses on spanking in relationships and the more erotic aspects of it.

  • London Enterprises...

    London Enterprises LTD Spanking

  • Corporal Spanking

    New Corporal is one of the first (if not the first) magazines entirely devoted to spanking erotica

    Corporal made its debut around 1967. This all-spanking magazine featured original stories, pictorials, art, and letters. The early issues were digest-size booklets; some were all text, others had illustrations. By 1969 the magazine had expanded into a full-size, 102-page bi-monthly with glossy color photos on the covers.

  • Marinet

    Marinet spanking

  • PARLIAMENT Spanking

    PARLIAMENT Spanking

  • Eros Goldstripe Spanking
  • Various Spanking
  • Spanking Stories

    Original spanking stories and novels from C.F Publications, Scarlett Hill and Nu West Publications

  • Scorpion

    Scorpion C.P.Entertainment the magazine with a sting in the tail.

  • Sapphire

    Sapphire. British spanking Magazine Published By Stone Castle Publishing